Why Dante is crucial to our success

I always enjoy watching Dante give his Quarterly Update on adviser standards. Why? Well, he is obviously extremely knowledgeable about the latest legislative requirements, and what’s next for advisers – exactly what you would expect from the chief executive of our industry body.

What I also see, however, is his passion for the industry: for advisers, and for getting the profession closer to being a well-respected, self-regulated and highly professional one.

And passion is contagious.

While quite a different personality than his predecessor Mark Rantall, Dante shares his passion and vision for building a better industry. His technical background and long-term commitment to advice means his behaviour, and his commitment to excellence, is a reflection of how the industry is evolving.

We have all seen in the recent months how important it is for our industry body chief executives to be above reproach. After all, their behaviour and ethics reflect an entire sector.

The recent disclosure of the salary for the FPA’s top job was a good indicator of the importance that Dante and the entire organisation put on transparency and service to its membership.

We are proud to be in partnership with the FPA to produce these updates for our community, and can see by engagement rates, its information and format is highly valued by you.

If there are any issues you want to hear discussed in our FPA Updates please let us know here and we will be sure to ask Dante in our next update. He is always happy to answer questions to better serve the advice community, as are we.

As always, thanks for your support. We wholeheartedly believe the success of the advice community is the key to making our mission succeed, and to make the pension irrelevant for Australians.



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