OneVue MD questions industry’s objectives

In the next episode of After Hours, Connie McKeage of OneVue explores the purpose of the financial services sector and questions whether the industry has gone too far in looking after itself.


This week on After Hours, Connie McKeage, managing director of OneVue shares her thoughts on the aims of the financial services industry and why she believes it needs to provide self-sufficiency to all Australians.

In a two-part conversation with After Hours co-hosts, former FPA chief executive Mark Rantall and No More Practice creator Vanessa Stoykov, McKeage also provides insight OneVue’s latest venture of unbundling administration from platform to bring about fee transparency and her vision to help the end investor

“From an industry point of view, my passion is returning money to the end investor and I think somewhere along the way in this industry we’ve lost ourselves and we’ve forgotten what our true modus operandi is,” McKeage says.

“Our purpose as a financial services industry has to be to try and provide people with self-sufficiency.

“The day we lose that I really think the financial services industry has lost its way, and I think we’re at that precipice right now, where we can change or we can decide to go down this other path.”

McKeage also shares insight into her leadership style and how she honours her decision to live her life with passion, not fear.

“When I first met Connie I was surprised by her generosity of spirit, willingness to help when there was nothing in it for her, and drive to mentor the next generation of women in the financial services industry,” Stoykov says.

“Connie is, quite simply, an anomaly: a woman who has made it in a man’s world, in a technical industry which she is quietly going about revolutionising.

“She is not afraid to say exactly what she thinks publically, and certainly won't back down from a cause if she believes she is right.”

Connie McKeage’s After Hours episodes will be released Wednesday 10th May at 8:30pm. Register here to receive the notification about the full episodes and watch the trailer for the conversation here.


About After Hours:

After Hours is hosted by industry leader, and former FPA Australia chief executive, Mark Rantall. Designed to be late night viewing for financial services professionals, the program tackles the big issues and conversations the industry needs to have. The industry experts featured in this series are at the forefront of change, and are leading the way with long-terms trends for industry improvement. 

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