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Heather Brilliant on the advice she’d give to future leaders

Heather Brilliant, chief executive of Morningstar Australasia, inherited her passion for investing from her grandmother who turned to the stock mar....

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Heather Brilliant on incentivising the right measures

In order for the financial services industry to fulfil its fiduciary duty, incentives for fund managers and advisers need to be aligned with optima....

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Pina Sciarrone on overcoming expectations

Growing up in a traditional Italian family, Pina Sciarrone, chief retail officer of AIA Australia, has had to work hard to break through barriers a....

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Platinum: International Fund

Equity markets have performed strongly in the past years, with the US being the strongest performer and valuations at historic highs. Platinum asks....



The FPA’s case for degree equivalency

In his most recent quarterly update, FPA chief executive Dante De Gori discusses the association’s proposal for degree equivalency and why he bel....



How China can boost our mining sector

In this Market Update series from Nikko Asset Management, head of Australian equities, Brad Potter, explores the key trends currently shap....


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Steve Browning, managing director & founder, The Strategy Institute24 July, 2017

The heart of strategy: where to play and how to win

A winning strategy requires you to make explicit choices, and to build your business around these decisions. Strategy expert Steve Browning coaches....


Vanessa Stoykov, creator, No More Practice24 July, 2017

Why advisers have it tough

It's tough to run a successful business when you are constantly going through a period of self-assessment and strategic transformation. This is a c....


Dante De Gori, chief executive, Financial Planning Association17 July, 2017

Why sound retirement planning matters

A growing and an ageing population provides great opportunity for financial planning to engage with the public to ensure all Aussies retire well.READ NOW

Vanessa Stoykov, creator, No More Practice10 July, 2017

Best seller is advice

One of the most popular books in Australia at the moment is Scott Pape’s The Barefoot Investor. As Vanessa writes, it’s easy to see wh....


Andrew Clifford, chief investment officer, Platinum Asset Management10 July, 2017

How long will US outperformance last?

Equity markets have performed strongly in past years, with the US being the strongest performer and valuations at historic highs. Platinum asks: is....


Latest News

No More Practice’s After Hours now a live event

30 June 2017

Following on from the success of its first season, No More Practice will host a live After Hours event to celebrate leadership in the financial services sector.


OneVue MD questions industry’s objectives

10 May 2017

This week on After Hours, Connie McKeage, managing director of OneVue shares her thoughts on the ....


Annick Donat on the importance of supporting small business

03 May 2017

This week on After Hours, Annick Donat, chief executive of Madison Financial Group share....


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Upcoming Events

23 Aug 2017

After Hours - Live

Following the success of season one, No More Practice will be hosting the first After Hours Live event.

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22 Nov 2017

FPA: Professionals Congress

Join your professional financial planning community to grow, share and connect at the FPA Professionals Congress.

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01 Dec 2017

FPA Chapter events

The FPA hosts a number of local chapter events every month for members. To view the full list of events and locations, click on this event listing.

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