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Thought Leaders with Dr. Mark Brimble Episode 2 Trailer

In this Thought Leaders with Dr. Mark Brimble episode, we sit down with Marianne Perkovic of CBA and examine the issues around transferring wealth ....

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Thought Leaders with Dr. Mark Brimble Episode 1

Overcoming the “money taboo” is the first step towards achieving financial security. In the first part of a special Thought Leaders miniseries,....

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The Investment Series S4:E6

In only a few short weeks, celeb investor Blair McDonough has gone from financial novice to informed investor. He’s now ready to explore differen....

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What Does Fixed Income Hold in 2018?

As an asset class, fixed income is often overlooked in favour of newer and more dynamic investment strategies, however, at a time when we’re expe....



MFS: Global Equity Trust

The MFS Global Equity Trust uses a unique management style with the aim to outperform the MSCI World Index and present growth at reasonable prices.....



Finding Opportunity through Crisis: Platinum on 2018

Rising stock prices may entice investors, but Platinum Asset Management believes the price must match the opportunity. In this series, Douglas Isle....


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Simon Hoyle, Editorial Director, No More Practice Education22 March, 2018

All roads lead to better education

This week the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) updated its guidance on how existing advisers can raise their academic quali....


Vanessa Stoykov, creator, No More Practice22 March, 2018

Why Brimble is necessary

Tasked with identifying new and interesting streams of education for our community, I am always looking for new ideas, and different ways to contin....


Vanessa Stoykov, creator, No More Practice15 March, 2018

Fixed income: no longer the bridesmaid

I have to admit; fixed income is harder to become engaged with. Stocks are easier to understand, more tangible and less complicated from an investo....


Anne Anderson, Head of Fixed Income and Investment Solutions, Australia, UBS Asset Management15 March, 2018

Why your clients need fixed income

As an asset class, fixed income is often overlooked in favour of newer and more dynamic investment strategies, however, at a time when we’re expe....


Chris Rands, portfolio manager, fixed income, Nikko Asset Management12 March, 2018

House Prices and Household Debt: The Australian Impact

You’d need to have been living under a rock to not have been bombarded with headlines on Aussie housing prices, but do you understand the full impli....


Latest News

No More Practice Education appoints new editorial director

06 March 2018

No More Practice Education is pleased to welcome experienced industry journalist Simon Hoyle to the team as editorial director. In this role, Hoyle will provide insight, experience and passion to further No More Practice Education’s goal of making the pension irrelevant for Australians through engaging and empowering educational content.


A practical guide to getting out of debt

25 January 2018

Via MyBody+Soul

Debt is one of those things that can have a huge emotional impac....


Wealth management expert Vanessa Stoykov shares financial tips

23 January 2018

Via Daily Mail

Australian Wealth management expert Vanessa Stoykov shar....


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17 May 2018

FEW Annual Leadership Conference

The FEW Leadership Conference is already recognised as Australia’s premier event for successful senior women in financial services. In a competitive....

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