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How to Assist Clients Facing Financial Hardship

In this third episode of The Truth with Tanya, Laurence Hugo from Credit Mediation Services joins Tanya Sale in a discussion about financial hardsh....

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The Biggest Challenge Our Industry Will Face

The financial services industry is no stranger to scandal, and this has lead to vast reforms across the sector. Progress has been made, but it has ....

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How to Unlock Advice for More Australians

Only two out of 10 people in Australia are receiving financial advice. This highlights the need for change, especially in an age where the age pens....

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BlackRock Concentrated Industrial Share Fund

Recognising the common practices of the ‘Big Four’ banks, and Australians’ fascination with real estate and minerals, the BlackRock Concentrated Industrial Share Fund aims to provide an extensive portfolio for the average Australian retail investor to help diversify their investments.



Inside Platinum's textbook succession plan

Succession planning is a challenge for any business, but the stakes are higher when you're managing almost $30 billion in assets. As legendary inve....



What Does Fixed Income Hold in 2018?

As an asset class, fixed income is often overlooked in favour of newer and more dynamic investment strategies, however, at a time when we’re expe....



MFS: Global Equity Trust

The MFS Global Equity Trust uses a unique management style with the aim to outperform the MSCI World Index and present growth at reasonable prices.....


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Simon Hoyle, Editorial Director, No More Practice Education18 May, 2018

The risk and return trade-off

If you think that owning shares in each of the four big banks represents diversification and reduces the amount of investment risk in your portfoli....


Charlie Lanchester, Head of Australian Fundamental Active Equities, BlackRock18 May, 2018

Avoiding concentration risk

Australian investors tend to be exposed to assets that all respond in a similiar way to the same economic influences. Charlie Lanchester of BlackRock ....


Vanessa Stoykov, creator, No More Practice15 May, 2018

He's not heavy, he's my brother

The words to that famous folk song pass through my mind as I continue to see the fallout bought about by the Royal Commission and the scandal our i....


Simon Hoyle, Editorial Director, No More Practice Education10 May, 2018

Putting the Budget into action

If the government gets its 2018 Budget measures passed, by 2024 anyone earning between $41,000 and $200,000 will find themselves on the same margin....


Simon Hoyle, Editorial Director, No More Practice Education10 May, 2018

The will and the way: Self-regulation in financial services

A hallmark of a professional association is the willingness and ability to independently and impartially discipline its own members. During the Roy....


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No More Practice Education joins the OneVue family

17 April 2018

An excerpt from the OneVue ASX announcement.

Yesterday, OneVue announced to the ASX the acquisition of online video learning platform No More Practice Education, the leader in digitally delivered education to financial advisers, accountants, and brokers. OneVue has also acquired No More Practice Education’s consumer facing education portal, The Investment Series.



Vanessa Stoykov premieres new book

10 April 2018

No More Practice Education are proud to announce the launch of Vanessa Stoykov's debut novel, Th....


A practical guide to getting out of debt

25 January 2018

Via MyBody+Soul

Debt is one of those things that can have a huge emotional impac....


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23 May 2018

How to Implement an Ethical and Compliant Property Solution Into Your Practice

Given the lack of clarity around the direct property asset class, many advisers struggle to include or tend to ignore property when providing advice, ....

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